Weddings can be organised by arrangement with the Vicar. Our preferences are to conduct weddings in consecrated premises, however they can be held in a variety of places, the Vicar will discuss this with you. As a rule, weddings in any of our premises will be conducted by the clergy of the parish, but as a rule, most ordained ministers can be permitted preside over your service in our churches. Church ministers are required by law to use any of the services approved by the particular denomination for weddings. There are several to choose from and the Vicar will discuss these with you. In general though, there is plenty of scope for you to add in your preferences.

The Statutes of the Anglican Church do not allow the marrying of same sex couples. The church is sympathetic to the needs of same sex couples and we offer the opportunity of having your relationship blessed at an intimate and specially planned service

Churches provide a special atmosphere and environment for couples to celebrate their special day, and we look forward to discussing our ideas with you.

Please contact the Reverend Fr Mark Sullivan for further information or assistance